Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Not 'Faux' If It Comes From Real Animals

It is disgusting of merchants labeling their products "Faux fur" to knowingly sell the fur of real animals in any degree, but learning that 80% of furs labeled 'Faux' come from real animals is infuriating. Apparently the Racoon Dog isn't considered a 'real' dog, and much like any being or thing without fair protection, it's exploited without conscience.
How can anyone consider themselves humane and support the skinning of innocent creatures for so-called fashion? How far have we really devolved as a species?

Just think. Once upon a time, the skinning of a black man would have been considered biblically justified. Let's stop the madness, and disengage from any industry profiting from torture. If it's not one victim it's another to those industries.

What or who will be next? Could be you?

Please, sign the petition to encourage the Dog and Cat Fur Prohibition Act H.R. 891

Thankyou Kendra

If you're an animal rights activist, you might be interested in learning how much the government fears you. Know your rights. Read This Article.


The Urban Scientist said...

I salute your efforts. Why would they do that? It makes no sense.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace UrbanScientist ^_^

There's serious inhumanity at the policy table. Something has to be done about it.
I don't know if 1% privilege contributes to a sick fascination with torturous practices, or if it makes one oblivious.
Whatever it is, it's not working and needs to be replaced.

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