Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Call For Solidarity: Please Take A Moment To Save Troy's Life.

Peace All

For those who have followed Troy Davis' case, you may know that the new date of execution has been set for Oct 27.

You may not know that there are still very important actions we can take. Our voices will make a difference again if we create a deluge of opposition to the miscarriage of justice that has taken place in Troy Davis' case. This is an action of solidarity and also one of duty. If we intend to keep any hard won freedoms, we have to knock barricades to justice over without hesitation. It is up to us to save this man.

Please blog about this. Post Free Troy Davis avatars and banners. Include his story in your podcasts along with links to amnestyusa.org and troyanthonydavis.org so others can take swift decisive action.

I know we can collectively cause his execution to be stayed again. We were successful before. Those activists before us were successful the first time. Let's let this be the time they throw the option of execution out the window permanently.

Thankyou for your time.

Please read the following suggestions from NAN (you can easily copy and paste their sample letter into the online contact form of the health site they give you, to plead with the "Doctor" set to perform the execution- as it goes against his hippocratic oath to "DO NO HARM"), as well as send a letter to the Georgia Board of Pardons here:

Amnesty USA action

NAN action:

Send Throughout the Internet

The Death Sentence of Troy Davis
http://www.counterp unch.org/ maass10162008. html

From: Valerie Testman
Subject: NAN ATL: Let's Stop The Execution Of Troy Anthony Davis
Date: Friday, October 17, 2008, 11:20 AM

Dear National Action Network (NAN) ATL Members,
http://www.nationalactionnetwork. net/

As you may already know, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Troy Davis' case. Hence, Georgia Department of Corrections has re-scheduled the execution for October 27, 2008.

We here at the National Action Network continue to support and be prayerful that Troy Davis will not be executed.

If you believe Troy Davis is innocent and will be wrongly executed, please act now. Please review the following and give Troy Davis your support.

Thank You
The Executive Committee
National Action Network, Atlanta Chapter

-------------------------How TO: --------------------------


We have planned a series of actions to unfold in the coming week in
response to the scheduled execution of Troy Davis on Monday, October
27, 2008 at 7pm.
The first action is to contact the doctor whose company has a
contract with the GA Department of Corrections (GDC) to participate
in executions. GDC policy dictates that two doctors must be present
to allow for an execution to be carried out. This is of course in
addition to the other medical professionals who facilitate executions
including nurses that prepare the IVs through which poison will flow
to Troy Davis' veins.
Please take a moment to send a letter (sample included below) to Dr.
Musso, president of Rainbow Medical Associates and ask him to
remember his humanity and decide NOT to participate in the execution
of a man who may be innocent.
The American Medical Associate Code of Medical Ethics explicitly
provide that "A physician, as a member of the profession dedicated to
preserving life when there is hope of doing so, should not be a
participant in a state execution." With these letters, we will
remind Dr. Musso of his oath to facilitate healing, not killing.

There are three ways you can send this letter:
1) Fax it to 770-692-4754.
2) Snail mail (only if sent before 10/22) to Carlo Musso, MD,
President, CorrectHealth, 9020 Peridot Parkway, Stockbridge, GA 30281
3) On the internet: copy and paste the letter in their online
contact form at: http://www.correcthealth.org/ contact
After you take action, please forward this message to your lists.
Thanks so much!
With hope,

Cut and paste this template word for word, or in a letter in your own words into
the contact form at this website:

If you can also fax this letter and mail it to the number and mailing address above it will be helpful.

---------------------------------Template Letter-------------------------

October 16, 2008
Carlo Musso, MD.
President, Rainbow Medical Associates
c/o CorrectHealth
9020 Peridot Parkway
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Dear Dr. Musso,
We are writing today to urge you and your company, Rainbow Medical
Associates, to decline involvement with the pending execution of Troy
Anthony Davis on October 27, 2008 at 7:00pm at Georgia Diagnostic &
Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia.
The execution of Troy Davis would be immoral and wrong. Almost all
of the witnesses against him have recanted or changed their stories
and no physical evidence was used to convict him. The courts and the
parole board have failed to use their power to prevent this imminent
miscarriage of justice. However, Troy Davis' execution cannot take
place unless human beings participate. You can refuse to help the
state of Georgia put Troy Davis to death.
The American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics explicitly
provides that "A physician, as a member of the profession dedicated
to preserving life when there is hope of doing so, should not be a
participant in a state execution." We implore you to remember your
humanity and respect you and your firm's oath to facilitate healing,
not killing.
We thank you in advance for choosing not to participate in the
execution of a man who may well be innocent. Such an act would be
irreversible, immoral and deeply damaging to the reputation of our
state and the confidence in our justice system.

Your Name
Email and/or Phone Number

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