Saturday, October 6, 2007

Black Subculture- Reminiscing on The New Jack Swing


The New Jack Swing was a slick movement indeed.

Jeff Redd
Teddy Riley
New Jack City...

I appreciate that the mainstream is celebrating it, so long as it doesn't become exploited to death
and lose its original essence in the eyes of the global village. I must have known something was coming, because I was singing Guy songs out the clear blue recently (with protestations from fam who wanted my tribute to come to an end sooner than later...Younguns don't know music nowadays) before seeing any promotions for it.
I'm telling y'all, sychronicity, telepathy... all the same thing.
Intuitive Reality is a natural component in all of us...
Pretty soon we'll be using the internet without need for machines (or implants...creepy).
Y'all know you feel the changes in the air.
Something monumental lies ahead on the evolutionary track... You see the pace technology has been keeping.


hottnikz said...

Your so right younguns don't know music nowadays.

PurpleZoe said...

The corporate dumbing down operations have created a mess. It's a shame what has been passed off as art in recent times.