Sunday, October 14, 2007

Take a Stand for Linux

Microsoft and other greedmongers are showing their greedy behinds again by going after Linux (who has been giving them a run for their money fair and square).

Please take a stand by cutting, pasting and modifying the template below, then sending it to your representatives by typing your zipcode into the sidebar here to get the mailing info:

Your help is vital. Standing for Linux, is akin standing for Opensource software. They are all part of the same emancipating technologies making it possible for people to enjoy inventions that should be for the people, and not for the dollar and major dollar holders...
Opensource software is making it possible for everyone to have access to quality software. Folks who couldn't be graphic designers without the pricey photoshop suite previously, can do so now with Gimp. Likewise desktop publishing can be accomplished with Scribus, instead of laying out hundreds for Adobe pagemaker.

We have to stand for this freedom.

The letter template is below.
Your action is sincerely appreciated by the common people everywhere.
ie. The One Laptop Per Child Program uses Linux and Opensource software...

Letter Template To Adjust And Send To Your Representative
(PLEASE add your own sentiments---Generic templates are more easily ignored than personalized sentiments)

We are building an information society that will either empower the individual while encouraging shared knowledge or we are building and Orwellian "big brother" society. Technology decisions made now without forethought or understanding will have a very deep impact for many generations. This is a critical time.

- Software and network policies that protect liberty and freedoms are critical to our futures.

- I urge you to support software patent reform. Many existing software patents should have never been issued. Often a technique or concept is/was obvious and yet has been granted patent. Such patents do not encourage growth or investment but rather protect monopolistic interests. The duration of valid software patents should be very short.

- The right to maintain anonymity should be the beginning of any identification system. Our national voting system is a good example... we need to be able to confirm that a person meets certain criteria while also preserving the right to remain anonymous.

- Electronic Voting Systems are a great place for us to start. The people NEED to be able to trust the vote. Please look into open source voting systems. This can make a difference for many nations over many generations.

- Open source software and open systems that can be audited and extended should be the cornerstones of every government funded information system. Policies should encourage the adoption of these community based applications in industries such as medical or banking.

- Net Neutrality is also extremely important to a free society. Net Neutrality has made it possible for many individuals to advance and progress.


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