Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Grassroute- Dream For Darfur Action

Dream For Darfur has a fantastic action that is sure to make a difference.
Their new action offers all of us a template letter we can customize and personalize, that will be sent to the sponsors of the coming Olympics. By making a commitment to stop supporting the sponsors, if they do not take action in support of Darfur, by placing pressure on China to step up and make efforts to the region they have so much influence over, we have an action that has strength because it threatens the pockets of very powerful companies.

Please spread the word over and over again (repost this entry in your own blogs or mention this Dream For Darfur action wherever possible) so as many letters as possible can be sent.

Here's the link to the letter:


Here is the list of sponsors we are petitioning:

Adidas; Anheuser-Busch; Atos Origin; BHPBilliton; Coca-Cola; General Electric; Johnson & Johnson; Kodak; Lenovo Group Limited; Manulife; McDonalds; Microsoft; Panasonic; Samsung; Staples; Swatch; UPS; Visa; and Volkswagen.

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