Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day of Action For Darfur- This is my Stand

Please Read The Day of Action
Press Release And Post for Darfur Today

3 Reasons Darfur Threatens Humanity

1.Inflicted and unnecessary suffering anywhere threatens justice everywhere.
2.If we stand by and watch without action we have no right to ask for help in our time of need.
3.If the world governments can watch this with detachment, do not be so sure your own government would care or even take action if the people in your region were slaughtered, starved and raped on a daily basis. Remember Katrina, and research the matters surrounding Katrina that were not shared in mass media.

My Pledge to Boycott the US sponsors of the Olympic Games Hosted by China

After having written to the sponsors of the Olympic Games and receiving empty letters of some (not all) of the sponsors that basically refused to apply pressure (Adidas was even sarcastic in nature and advised they are a sneaker company and not a grassroots political organization...), I am boycotting the corporate sponsors of the Olympic games who will not use their strength to persuade China to take serious action in regards to the genocide in Darfur, a region they have a great deal of economic influence over. These companies will not receive a dime of my money as long they support China without challenging more resolute action for aiding Darfur. I may not spend a dime with them for the duration of the genocide in Darfur, and may never spend a dime with them again.
Plain and simple.

Here are their names:

Adidas; Anheuser-Busch; Atos Origin; BHPBilliton; Coca-Cola; General Electric; Johnson & Johnson; Kodak; Lenovo Group Limited; Manulife; McDonalds; Microsoft; Panasonic; Samsung; Staples; Swatch; UPS; Visa; and Volkswagen.

Sign the petition at

Not clear on the urgency?

A Virtual Broadcast in SecondLife feat. Mia Farrow
This gives a good background on the conflict if you need to verse yourself.

Write Congress to demand Action (use the template beyond this link)!

Purchase the Mattafix collaborative effort and support Darfur


Yobachi said...

Great post. I actually coped your 3 reasons for my post too, but I gave you credit :D

Villager said...

Dayum sista ... this post is one that I'll refer to often. I definitely didn't have list of the corporate sponsors for the Bejing Olympics.

Dazjae, please consider joining The AfroSpear...

peace, Villager

Danielle said...

Caught the vapors of this powerful post from Villager. I too participated both yesterday and today.

I am going to update today's post with a link to your contribution.

I am with you on the boycott.

It is wonderful to see your level of engaged participation, know that you prove to be an inspiration to others.

Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.


Danielle said...

I added this post to stumble upon and digg.

Hopefully it will get out to more people!

Much Love

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou for stopping through and for the encouragement Yobachi, Villager and Danielle. We're trying to be thorough with the action campaigns wherever possible.

Thankyou so much Danielle for adding this to Digg and Stumbleupon!

We'll look into joining the Afrospear.
Thought we already had at the forum, but I discovered recently those are separate organizations.


Villager said...

PZ --> Click here to express your interest in joining The AfroSpear. I follow-up to see that it is taken care of for you.

peace, Villager