Sunday, October 7, 2007

Call For Solidarity- Officers Taser a Deacon to Death

I cannot yet bring myself to watch this video because I have been briefed on what takes place in it.
I'm including the link nonetheless for those who are prepared to watch police officers taser an innocent man (who I am told was having an epileptic attack, which prompted the housecall) to death.

Links below that detail more of the story (check back for updates):



hottnikz said...

Unacceptable! I saw on the news the other night, a white woman got dragged down in the airport and arrested, and they put her in a jail cell. When they went to retrieve her hours later for arraignment, she was found dead. They put something around her neck to tie her down, it was on her neck too tight and she died. WTF? You tie leashes on dogs or pets, not humans. 'Law enforcement' is getting out of hand. This woman didn't even seem like that big of a threat, just having a panic attack or something. Thanks for bring this story to my attention.

Cooper said...

I can't stand to watch those taser videos. The whole taser thing is more out of hand than we know. A harmless little teaser is not so harmless.

PurpleZoe said...

The frequency of these incidents is insane. 'The people' are probably going to need to push for tasers to be taken out of use as a tool for law enforcement.
They're definitely not harmless.