Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Osiris Organization

Bill Roddy(St. Thomas Humanitarian of the year for 2006) and Gail Roddy quit their corporate jobs and formed The Osiris Organization to provide aide to troubled youth.
We can take example from them.

It's amazing what we can accomplish by changing our focus.
Something as simple as starting a Saturday program for your local community youth, that is facilitated by a few adults, with some extra pc's (easily acquired for very little expense online) and Opensource programs, the broadening of youth horizons and therefore our future, can be achieved.

We all have something we can donate, whether its time, expertise, funding, or innovative ideologies.
Check the vid for more info on the Osiris Organization.


cooper said...

It takes so little really to be involved in a local level and that is where there is so much success.
It every community had even on tenth of their people participating in such programs the lives of many would change.

I do think working on projects on a local level is where the success lies.

PurpleZoe said...

The return of community based thinking is the piece of the puzzle that got lost in
the survival and consumer-based shuffle.
I'm thinking and hoping it will make a comeback soon, especially as the need becomes more and more apparent.