Saturday, October 6, 2007

Indiefied- Amen, Donnie, Amen

Donnie has graced us with another pearl of obviously pertinent and urgent wisdom.
His new single, "911" couldn't be more timely or appropriate Motherland Children.
This is one for mass repost action.
Donnie's old soul crooning has been about the business for a minute. Without deserved recognition from the machine, he's still managed to create a formidable buzz with a voice that seizes you.
The mainstream (drones in the "commercial" control room) is outdated, crumbling, and for the most part run by a bunch of tasteless fools, (or social engineers depending upon your view).

Check Donnie's latest offering, and know that many messengers are sent with the same message, but it's up to the masses to do something to bring balance and harmony back to the community. Spreading the word on the regular is a start.

Check his spot beyond the Dandelion fields ~~~~~~~~~~@


hottnikz said...

I love Donnie. Reminds me a little of Donnie Hathaway, just a little. Something about the tone of his voice.

PurpleZoe said...

He's lovely. I need to pick up the cd when my funds replenish.