Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Underrepresented- The Original Inventor of the PC is a Black Man

How many of you are aware that the original blueprint for the pc we use today came from Kemetian/African lineage? Dr. Mark Dean (holding a Doctorate from Stanford University) is in the National Hall of inventors with 30 patents pending. He is also vice president of IBM and holds three of the 9 original patents that the personal computer is founded upon.

Why haven't we heard of him, you ask?

Why haven't we heard of the other African-American inventors responsible for the many conveniences we enjoy from the refrigerator to the clothes dryer? Colonized society has had a difficult time acknowledging the roots of civilization that it has benefited from with force...
The idea of intelligence in Black Society has been downplayed as much as possible, because the reality of the innovative Black Mind has been considered a threat.

Threat or not, truth is at the root of everything and is revealed in time.
This is one truth that can act as a major salve for the self image of our youth.

Dr.Dean has also created the first 1 gigahertz processor chip, and is a force that continues to provide the world with innovations that bring enrichment and ease to daily living and the business world.

Remember his name, and make sure your children know it as well.

Any artists interested in creating a children's book about him?
It's a worthy eye-opening story.
This is where we should be placing our publicity.

Source: Clutchmagonline.com and The Urban Network

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