Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Indiefied- Sharon Jones

My first experience hearing Miss Jones was a definitive one. My heart woke from a sleep I wasn't aware it was in, and opened it's etheric flower petals, shuddering in their vulnerability to an unparalled intimacy with music.
The unyielding and somehow majestic Yin force of Sharon's Soul Patrol command coursed through the auric pathways of my subtle energy bodies, infused my mind with the glittered glory of unequaled sonic purity, and filled me with remembrance of a time I can only court nostalgia for through genetic memory having missed the boat on that era, as a child of the disco ball's time to shine, who was most likely meant to hail from the psychedelic peacesign-throwers' grassrootsifying period on Mother Earth.

The younguns don't know nan about Soul Sistahs.
Sharon will change this, with a humble sovereignty, and a gentle gentle message:

Soul music is a healing force children. Heal with it. Don't know how? Follow the ones who can show you. It ain't nearly about a dollar if you can feel your spirit.

Visit her beyond the yellow magnolia


*swoons and faints


Femigog said...

"It ain't nearly about a dollar if you can feel your spirit"

drops in a faint beside PurpleZ!

That is what I am talking about right there, music, message and spirit! great post

PurpleZoe said...

*wafting smelling salts for FemiGog*

Her music is a beautiful message in and of itself. I'm so glad she's here.