Saturday, May 31, 2008

Afrosphere Media Disclusion From Prominent Progressive Caucasian Blog?

"...The AfroSpear and its members have been mentioned in mainstream media stories ninety-three times over the last year, the words "AfroSpear" and "Afrosphere" have never, ever been mentioned in a story at DailyKos," shares Francis Holland Esq, in a recent blog entry that expresses discontent with the segregated behavior displayed at DailyKos (also dubbed the Whitosphere by Mr, Holland), a blog that has also been underfire recently by concerned bloggers opposed to DailyKos posting racist images of the potential first lady Michelle Obama, being lynched.

Mr. Holland also mentions that despite the focus upon the lack of diversity in the DNC that has been a focal point in the blogosphere recently, DailyKos only expressed anger that their preferred popular bloggers of European descent didn't make it into an already exclusively white state blogger pool.

Do you agree that DailyKos is only interested in progressive white bloggers?
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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

PurpleZoe, DailyWhitosphere couldn't care less about Black blogs or Black people, and that's why they actively endeavor to exclude us from the whitosphere and from the bloggers covering the Democratic National Convention.

In fact, the "N" word has appeared many more times in print at DailyKos over the last year than have the words "AfroSpear" and "afrosphere" even though, as you mention, these groups have appeared in the national press an average of once every four days over the last year.

It's far easier for Blacks to get coverage in the corporate media than at pseudo-progressive whitosphere apartheid blogs.

Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga publicly says he supports "states' rights", and that his code word for saying, "Black people (and women and gays and the disabled) be damned!"

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Francis ^_^

I'm so tired of the doubletalk. I look forward to seeing more people who truly are interested in supporting the diversity that is a natural part of existence, rather than bucking against it.

I truly believe all of the fakeness (blogs like DailyKos and others are guilty of) will become more and more transparent as time goes on. We're not in an era where secrets can last for long (as we're seeing with Mr. Mclellan's book coming out exposing the current administration).
It will likely become embarrassing for those who claim they couldn't see through the smokescreens all of these years and didn't understand what people of color have been up in arms about... but the truth is, the evils have been there all along for those who were meant to feel it, and those who have had the courage to see it despite the privilege they may have received because of their cultural group.

This racist nonsense can't stand for much longer. Thankyou for the stand you take against it, Brothah Holland.

Shine on