Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Design Solutions Provide Hope for Darfuri Women

Researchers have found a solution to prevent Darfuri women from being raped while foraging outside of the borders of refugee camps for Firewood. Normally Darfuri woman have to leave the camps daily to search for firewood, walking 7 hours outside of the safety provided by the camps, which has put them at great risk of violent attack. The Darfur Stove project has a new design for a woodburning stove reduces this risk.

Read more in the pdf and through the Darfur Stoves project site

Cheaper Safer Fuel for Refugees:

Watch this Pbs show to learn more:

Thankyou Cooper for the Intel and for sharing your valuable voice with us so we can learn and remain informed. You're greatly appreciated.

PZ says:

This is a beautiful and necessary solution. It lends alot of hope. I look forward to the introduction of solar panels to re-developing countries, which would eliminate the need to collect firewood for these stoves, altogether.

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