Friday, May 16, 2008

Fifteen Police Officers Savagely Beat Three Men In Philadelphia

A video has forced Philadelphia to acknowledge the beating of three black men pulled from their car at a traffic stop by fifteen officers. You read that correctly. 15 officers. Is it just me or are the police a frightened bunch? They need to shoot an unarmed man 50 times to ensure their safety, and rally up in groups of fifteen to beat down three men stopped for a possible traffic violation? How many cases of this do we need to hear about? Shouldn't the officers we trust with upholding the law be courageous law abiding individuals who possess more courage than the average citizen rather than less?

I'm just sayin. It's been time to wake up people. Legislation needs to be drawn up that holds officers accountable with SEVERE legal penalties such as lengthy jail sentences, for abusing their power by wielding it against the innocents it is claimed they are here to protect.

The Philly Mayor's Spokesman Doug Oliver is quoted responding to the behavior of these officers as saying, "At a glance it does appear to be a bit beyond the pale…Officers are not allowed to operate outside of the law…We are not going to prejudge the situation based on the video…We all saw the video, but none of us was there.”

... A bit beyond the pale?

Because the footage of this savage beating was caught by a WTXF-TV helicopter that was in the area at the time of the beating, the police dept was obviously forced to take some action, so the 15 officers are off of street duty at this point. Let's hope they are fired as an example to renegade officers. Zero tolerance for police brutality is what we are demanding, wherever it rears its cowardly head.

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If you have stories of police brutality to share with Congress please contact Immortal Technique who is gathering these stories in an act of determination to finally put an end to this abuse of true justice and community safety.

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