Friday, May 23, 2008

Life's Little Victories

Goods news is needed just as much as warning reports on villainy, so let's celebrate that the Senate voted almost unanimously to avoid media consolidation, the Polar Bear's listing as an endangered animal (though this administration weaseled in additional restrictions to it's protections), and the House of Representatives voting 149 to 141 to cut off funding for the war in Iraq (though it seems they've turned in the other direction now...), along with votes to put serious restriction on this administration's war policy (including a withdrawal timeline, and a GI bill to help the returning veterans).

This is thanks to those who stood for it.
The signed petitions, calls, letters, and passion extended to champion justice has make all the difference.

Here are a few other causes you can champion that deserve the same success

Support affordable housing bill for ex-convicts
and stand against H.R. 6021
Contact Congress to Oppose this horrid bill
Track the bill here:

Demand Suspected
Darfuri War Criminals Be Arrested

Stop Human Trafficking In Montenegro

Demand Safe Demonstrations
for Clean Water Protests in Bhopal

Support House Resolution to
Secure Darfur Conflict Region

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