Thursday, May 8, 2008

Immortal Technique is Collecting Police Brutality Stories. Send Yours in. Spread the Word.

Much Respect to Immortal Technique who has started a Police Brutality Blog to collect stories of Police Brutality in the community. Demanding legislation that punishes renegade officers engaged in harassing, injuring and murdering innocents for reasons of hate gender or otherwise, is long overdue. Please share your stories with Immortal, whose as I understand it intends to present these to Congress in an effort to bring the focus onto the solution of eradicating the police brutality problem once and for all.

Immortal Technique states in his blog:"
Please feel free to post a personal account from you or your family's experience with Police brutality, whether you are in NY, LA, Seattle, Toronto, Russia, China, Japan, The Middle East,Chicago, Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, The West Bank, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, or somewhere off in Latin America, in the 3rd World, where the police are the military and they are 10 times worse towards the people. Write us here from everywhere...

If you are not comfortable posting to his blog, please free to email your story and info to:

R.I.P. Sean Bell.

But remember, that he will only Rest In Peace when we bring those that murdered him and the state which basically sanctioned his execution, to justice. We must be well- trained, disciplined, sober, vigilant and ready for action when it comes. We remember the many that fell before Sean, and those that are still to come because this will never stop unless we take action to stop it. We are taking action this is just the first step.
We are the people. We are the Revolution.

Respectfully Submitted,
-Immortal Technique

Spread the word. The more publicity Immortal gets for this movement, the better it is for our communities. Silence equals complicity in times like these. Say something. Stand in strength. fall in fear.

Shine on, Speaks on Immortal's decision

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