Monday, May 12, 2008 Interviews The Founders of 'Justice For All Species'

BV: Tell us about JAS. How and why was it started? What are the short-term and long-term goals?

TM: We considered ourselves and our friends to be socially conscious, but realized few were aware of the atrocities affecting other species and the environment. So we hosted a meeting and found that members of our communities were immediately sympathetic and made the connections with many other social justice issues. We also realized that both political activity and simply personal experience gave us a unique understanding of the conceptual thinking that one segment of beings was not put on this earth to serve another. Couple that with the fact that the animal agriculture industry preys on communities of color in employment decisions, factory farms locations, and distribution and marketing of their products, and the need for our voices becomes clear. Our short-term goal is to provide resources and programs to encourage our communities to explore a vegetarian diet. We currently are looking forward to launching our first program, “Make Your Next Meal Vegetarian!” Our long-term goal is to facilitate further research and dialogue about the common dynamics of all forms of oppression.

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PZ says:

I can seriously respect this. JAS gets the thumbs up.

PETA and their new decision to cheerlead Genetically Grown Meat... not so much (They used to be a movement I could stand behind with pride...).

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