Monday, May 5, 2008

Trent Reznor Is Still Sticking It To The Suits.

If you thought Radiohead's move to let customers choose what they payed for Inrainbows was dope, you're also likely to find Trent Reznor's latest gift to the Indie-Mentality that is crushing the system, heartwarming.

Nine Inch Nails is giving away their latest album 'The Slip' for free in a choice of different formats that sound better than a CD ever could. The album is being released under the Creative Commons 'Attribution Non-Commercial Share-alike License'. This means: Remix at will. CD's and Vinyl may be available for sale in July for those who don't download.

In the album introduction Trent Says:
"Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years -- this one's on me."

You've gotta love it.

Download album with printable pdf
cover and insert .through this link:

Stream through Ilike
Nine+Inch+Nails/album/The+Slip also says:
"Reznor's direct-to-fans approach extends to his upcoming tour. Tickets will be available through the NIN website in the 72 hours leading up to the show (updated). Each ticket will have the name of the buyer printed on it, so they will not available through scalpers."

Thanks OKP for the intel.

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