Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is Anyone Still Refuting That This IS A Criminal War?

Extreme thanks to Nabeela of Liberator Magazine for posting this viral video in the making. It is time this country faced the truth about what is really happening in Iraq.
Please consider reposting this as soon as possible. You can utilize this site to download it if you want to post it through a non-conventional embedding solution on your blog.

This video is VERY intense and there is strong disturbing language used by the "soldiers".
Not recommended for children.

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You might want to pick up the book by the Bush Administration's former press secretary who is telling all, about how Bush decieved the nation into waging war, as well as worked in tandem with mainstream media. Bless him for standing for the truth. Enough with the secrets. Time to wake up Amerikka.

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focusedpurpose said...


thank you for this post. it makes me sad to my soul to know that i share in the collective bad karma of america as an american. i have worked diligently to do my part to register my total lack of support of these crimes against humanity.

i did a post awhile back about the atrocities taking place in iraq. america has been murdering, terrorizing, and dehumanizing innocent people for over five years now.

the video shared the liberties that these soldiers are taking with men, children, and animals. i have to tell you that after viewing u.s. military men's confessions about what they had done to iraqi women and girls, i felt physically ill. i literally cried for a couple of days as i tried to clear my mind's eye of what i had seen.

i saw a photo of several fully clothed soldiers smiling with a naked woman on her knees, looking horrified and terrorized, in front of one soldier whose pants were down around his ankles. there was another youtube confession of a soldier that savored the memory of raping a 15 year old iraqi girl and charging other soldiers for the opportunity until she finally committed suicide. he laughed as he recounted these evil memories.

what america is doing is ungodly. america clearly doesn't view iraqis as people; so much so that america doesn't count iraqi fatalities in the numbers of lives lost in this war. this despite knowingly blowing up civilian communities regularly and routinely.

when quite a few americans acted as though they could not for the life of them understand why the Somalis would turn on the american soldiers during the clinton administration---i decided that ignorance and hatred for non whites is just as american, if not more, than apple pie.

blessings sis,

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Sis

I've had similar reactions about this war and other atrocities created by this government. I haven't been right since watching this video. I'm amazed that anyone can have blinders on concerning the evils taking place in Iraq and elsewhere that have been committed directly by governments (and the corporations that fund them), or indirectly by the same governments and their funders.

I know our voices make a difference. It's hard however, to be patient with realities like the one displayed in the video.
There is actual proof of what's taking place there. We can't tolerate the excuses en masse any longer.

And I agree, ignorance towards and hatred for non-whites is as American as apple pie for sure, even for many of those who believe they aren't racists.
Racism is in the very root of this country, so much that whether we are born in America or not, people of color have a different collective karma in my opinion. We've caught hell all along. That hasn't stopped.

It can't stand for much longer though.
People may be fearful, but the world is changing in favor of free information and free energy. What Divinity intends for us to have we will have, though I imagine there will be a fight from the greedmongers who have created these conditions and can't imagine letting go of their stolen privilege.

Thankyou so much for stopping through and commenting.
Shine on SisterStar