Monday, May 26, 2008

Disney's Selling a 14k Gold Noose?

Supposedly this noose was created for the Pirates of The Caribbean collection, but my reality theorist nature says no. Despite Disney's supposed plan to finally present a Black Princess in 2009, they seem to have no problem selling racially insensitive symbols.

Makes you wonder what's really going on when progressive bloggers of European descent think it's no problem to post images of black women being lynched, a democratic nominee of European descent claims she's not dropping out of the race against her opponent of African descent because of assassination dangers, and Caucasian "friends" of golf players of African descent "joke" on-air about him being lynched (to name a few "issues" the black community has been insulted with).


Thanks Clutch for the intel
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Adam B. Ricketson (alias) said...


I've come here by way of a trackback from the Michelle Obama story, which I found by Mirror on America

My point is that I'm a bit of an outsider here -- to top it off, I'm a white man born around 1980 (post civil-rights movement). I suspect that the world I grew up in is more like that of the Disney marketers than yours.

So, with that being said, when I see a noose I don't think of lynching--I'm more likely to think of the Old West (or Pirates). Given how diverse America is, it can be hard to be aware of the symbolism that affects other communities.

It can also be hard to even know why I should be particularly conscious of how things will be interpreted outside of my own community, or what communities I should be aware of (for example, I have no idea how Chinese would respond to any symbol).

But on Disney's part, they are pretending to be an all-American institution, and they pay marketers big bucks to figure out how America's communities respond to various symbols--so maybe they can't plead reasonable ignorance.

As an outsider, it struck me to ask why a noose should be considered offensive. If it were just because of its involvement in lynching/oppression, then it should be no more offensive than many other items associated with that history (guns, dogs, whips, chains, plantations, cotton, ships, etc.)

The only thing I can think of to distinguish nooses from the rest of those items is that they are used as a threat, even today. I hear about those stories--Jena and Columbia Teacher's College come to mind--and instantly think that the noose must have been planted by someone with clear mental deficiencies--either a stupid kid or a nutcase.

So is that what it's about?

I just wanted to see if I was on the right track, and also show that it takes a little bit of effort for someone in my position to develop an awareness of these issues.

I'm not defending Disney--they should have made the effort to develop this awareness, and I already consider them to be a blight on our culture and political system.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Adam

you wrote:
"It can also be hard to even know why I should be particularly conscious of how things will be interpreted outside of my own community, or what communities I should be aware of (for example, I have no idea how Chinese would respond to any symbol).

I think it's very sad that you do not grasp the significance of what the noose means to the black community. I say that sincerely and not to insult. I can only invite you, and others like you who do not see the significance of the noose and why it is far different than a gun, to acquire a book on African-American history and give it a read. Seeing as many details and stories are kept from public schools, it becomes necessary for a person who intends to be informed to do their own research. That's the country we live in at present. Let's hope it changes, and equality becomes a reality, rather than an illusion made up of hollow words.


Anonymous said...

The noose was being used long before the 1960's, and even the 1860's. It was used well after the 1960's as well. You can't "claim" an object just because it was used during a certain time. Pirates were hung in public, witches were hung, politicians were hung, criminals of all sorts were hung. Texas still used hanging as capitol punishment until recent times. By your logic fire hoses are racist. They were used in the 60's, there are many photos of them being used. Why are nooses racist but fire hoses are ok ?

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Anonymous

First off, calm down. Don't bring hostility here. This is a peaceful place for rational discussion and disagreements. You can disagree but don't suppose you have the right to you can angrily tell me what my people can claim as an insult to our culture, in my own space.
It does seem you're hiding behind the 'anonymous' non-identifier, and sounds like you obviously came here to vent, rather than discuss.

The noose is connected very deeply with the lynching of innocent people of African descent in this country.
We can lay claim to the reality our ancestors endured, despite your statement that tells me we can't.

If you don't 'get' my logic, maybe you'll get the logic that Jena Louisiana used. The racist white people of Jena Louisiana "get" the insulting and threatening symbolism of the noose towards black folks don't they?

Is it really that you don't get the racist symbolism of the noose, or are you angry that blacks refuse to 'just forget' what our ancestors endured in this country as some seem to deeply wish we would?

The fire hose was used nowhere near as much as the noose, and wasn't wielded as an object of lynching or death. It was an object of insult and abuse.
It doesn't fit the logic you presume to assign to me, but that may be because you were writing out of anger rather than rationale.

Click here for more of the reality behind the noose.

Peace be upon you