Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Our Beautiful Brown Children See Their Images Exalted- 'The books of Zambarau- MAJI Omnibus' is available on Amazon.

Update (as of 1/2009):
Maji is now being published with the full title: 'The books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus' to avoid brand confusion with two books that bare a very close titling. It is still the Maji Omnibus, as Maji (meaning water in Swahili) has strong symbolic ties with the purpose of the book, but is listed with a more distinctive titling.


Conscious Parents and Folks in touch with their innerchild can now purchase MAJI
direct from Amazon in the paperback version. Click the Image to visit the page. The hardback version should be available by end of Summer-Mid Winter, with an interesting contest announcing it's projected date. The Hardcover version is slated to include links to Underrepresented Progressive blogs for Original Culture and Interests.

Thankyou sincerely for all of your support.
Contact TheCuriousBazaar at to request a complimentary e-version if
you cannot purchase the print version at this time, and still wish to enjoy it with your family.

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Thankyou The People Could Fly Project for the good word. *_^

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