Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jena 6 Request Removal Of Biased Judge

From RaceWire
Lawyers for the five remaining defendants facing trial in the racially divisive Jena 6 incident in Louisiana presented evidence Friday of what they said was bias on the part of the judge presiding over the cases and sought his removal.

After four hours of testimony, a visiting judge appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court to hear the recusal motion against LaSalle Parish District Judge J.P. Mauffray asked for more evidence and postponed a ruling until at least July. [Chicago Tribune]

5 of the Jena 6 youth are seeking to have Judge Mauffray Jr. removed from hearing their cases based in part on the fact that Judge Mauffray confessed his intent to imprison the young men whether or not it was supported by strong evidence. The 6th member however, Mychal Bell has already accepted an 18 month sentence according to his plea agreement. The evidence cited to support the request of the remaining youth is likely more than enough to guarantee they have a chance at a fair trial with a new judge presiding.

"Judge Mauffray is the man at the center of Jena's broken justice system and now he is forced to justify his bias in a court of law with the entire nation watching," shared James Rucker, Executive Director of, the 400,000 member group advocating on behalf of the Jena 6.
"These proceedings are an opportunity to redeem Louisiana's justice system in the eyes of the nation and provide the Jena 6 with their constitutional right to a fair trial."

Judge Thomas Yeager offered to take the evidence under advisement, on May 30, but will finally decide his position on whether or not to recuse Judge Mauffray on July 18 of this year.

Villager says:
"If Mauffray is recused by Judge Yaeger it means a chance at a fair trial and an indictment for biased judges (and District Attorneys) everywhere."

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Villager said...

Sista, you can jack me for all I'm worth! Thank you for sharing this Jena 6 update with your blog readers...

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LOL! Thankyou for your graciousness. The image was hard to resist. Very nice design.

It's a pleasure to update the readers on this important turn of events. I am relieved to see that Jena6 youth are fighting the system. It is indeed an action that will benefit our community.

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