Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monthly Affirmation: Vitality is a Birthright

So many of us have gotten caught up in the need to be strong or appear strong out of fear that our vulnerability might be checked during a lapse of vigilance that we miss those opportunities to let the sun really shine upon our faces.
In tension, we lose touch with the natural flow and become entangled in the web of 'what if' based anxiety, bringing it into our endeavors and relationships, captive to the fear that we may not be prepared for change, and considering that it may strike, rather than gently sweep us onto a more fitting branch of the path.
The real problem with this is that the facade of strength isn't strength at all.
A defensive disposition keeps us in a separate 'Me vs. Them' mentality, that disrupts the intended flow of community, and growth. We can't learn who we are with a mask locked over our heads, because we won't allow ourselves to lose or 'fail', even if it means learning a lesson that will lead to ultimate success. Likewise, we lose the opportunity to enjoy our positive reflection in others.

This month let us focus on embracing the inner child's vulnerability, by allowing ourselves to enjoy the vitality coarsing within our being. There is no need to fear disapproval or attack. When you are glowing with vitality, your natural strength will attract appreciation. You will be in the position to act, to lead, and share light with others who are in touch with their lifeforce and thus their strength.
Ultimately it is not the external threats that drain us and break us down, though they are certainly manifestations of internal doubt. It is our tension that chokes off the flow of vitality (and literally the blood that needs to pump through the heart center of beingness itself). Without tension, there is only gentle onward movement, as seen in natural examples like water and the gentle breeze courting the dance of butterfly wings and the afro curls of dandelions.

Monthly Affirmation:
I embrace my strength. It reminds others of their own vitality and purpose.

May's Totem


Magnificent and solitary, Tigers exude confidence and independence.
Full of strength and able to cover great distance, The Tiger is a potent symbol of vitality and determination. They are also nocturnal hunters known for their healing properties. Their orange gold hue represents regeneration. Tiger Totem people heal swiftly. Their hearing, sight and sense of smell is precise. Children born with Tiger Medicine are Natural Prophets possessing Clairvoyant ability.
Tiger cubs stay with the Mother into their second year having been born blind. Their keen inner sight compensates for it. They are solitary creatures who come together only during mating season as male and female. Tiger Medicine people do well with body work due to their touch sensitivity.
With Tiger moving into your path, you learn to create sacred space that others cannot enter. Gathering energy required to progress tirelessly is advantageous and best done alone. Be ready for challenge and adventure. The passion and power of Tiger's medicine come out of dormant states within you with Tiger Medicine. Seize change.

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May's Monthly Mass Meditation draws near on the 3rd. More details then.

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