Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm taking up collections

So for the 3rd time I've called the police on the neighbors who have been spoken to a grand total of 13 times (between myself, the landlord, and the local police department)... I hoped it would eventually become a balanced situation. Now I realize it's time for next-level freelancing to give the relocation fund wings.

It is time to go.

What was once a relatively peaceful neighborhood is now reduced... The fighting (you wouldn't believe it if I told you), the club their apt has turned into..., and the overall lack of couth have me ready to go after I've lived here 4 years to their 5 1/2 months. In truth, I was ready to move two weeks after they moved in.

It's been time.

So from this point through the summer of 2009, I'll be offering ebook formatting services for Smashwords formats, Book cover design, and more, to contributors to the Peace of Mind fund *_^. Please see the service list below to see what I have available in my skillset. It's not the complete list but with updates, it will be fairly close. Starting at 25-30. for very simple projects or small articles and ranging to 60. for somewhat involved projects (request a quote for lengthy or very detailed/time-consuming projects), you can email me for your particular promotional, or commission-requiring ventures *_^ My turnaround is swift. Energy mail: Purplemag at

Updated: Click the cover to read the service guide for current pricing available through Summer '09.

Book covers w/ spine, or front and back only in .jpg format):

note: These are samples (using free photo stock, and mashups of photostock)

Smashwords e-book formatting:

I format according to styleguide outlines.

Also available: Promotional e-book creation, Technical writing/Press releases, Social Media promotion and set-up.

....and much more *_^ (Couldn't resist the saleswoman pitch)

I will update this veddy soon. Stay tuned.

Sidebar intel:
Taking up Collections- Seriously price slashing for book cover design, ebook formatting and creation (promotional or otherwise), Establishing Social Networking hubs, and more... Samples available. Swift turnaround.

Energy mail: Purplemag at

Note: Services include email support rather than phone support, due to a current schedule of serious multitasking. Click the service guide cover below to acquire ordering details.


samax said...

that's messed up.
good luck with your fundraising. if i come up on some bread, i will get you to help me on some projects...

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Samax ^_^

It's been unreal. I'm pouring all my positivity into solutions at this point.

Projects you'd like to kick it about are def welcome. My freelance funding efforts are extra reasonable right now.

I hope all is bliss on your end.
Blessing 'pon the bambina and Mr. & Mrs. Amen.

Until again