Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ConsciousInk- The Black Science Fiction Society

We mentioned them in January when Brothah C'BS dropped the intel *_^. Since the last announcement they've launched a store, and there's an anthology on the way. Stay tuned, and peep some Black sci-fi and Black fantasy recommendations below.

image courtesy of DCmoviegirl

A plethora of talent exists in the BSF society.
Here are a few we recommend (more to come as we come across them-your recommendations are welcome in the comments):

warning: Please check for reading and age levels as some works are not specifically geared to folks under 17. We're still in the process of compiling child-young adult geared media for future posts and events.

The legendary Charles Saunders
C'BS Alife Allah
Edward Uzzle
Malon Edwards
Minister Faust
Valjeanne Jeffers
Lisa Bolekaja
Chameleon Creations
Glasco Graphix
Yours truly
Joao-Pierre Ruth
Milton Davis
Gregory Walker


Anonymous said...

I am A.T. Russell. I wrote; New Alpha Rising: Ascension Pt. 1.

As a black SF writer, I haven't had the fortune to see many others in print. I myself had to go by way of POD but I'm not so sure that it's what I want for my future. I'm soliciting several pieces of advice.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace *_^

I definitely recommend you join BlackScienceFictionSociety. There's love in the community, and several efforts to pull together to make Black spec lit and media more visible to the community (Peek your head into the BlackFaery group and say 'Hey' *_^).

Have you checked PublishAmerica.com ? They're not an indie POD, but they accept manuscripts from unagented authors. I know a few folks who've been published by them.
Also a solid avenue is VerbNoire.com
They're a digital press championing works by authors of color.

Shine bright