Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring: Plant Good Seeds

Last night, without thinking about Spring, I utilized a new approach to irritations that were surrounding me (you simply wouldn't believe the e-related glitches that have thrown off my schedule by at least 3 weeks...). Pulling out a piece of paper, I wrote my name, and drew rainbows and happy-faced stars around it. It's worked for my cat after all. When she was in a depression, I drew hearts and happy faces around her name. Call me crazy, but her behavior changed, and there's a kick in her step again. The mind has power. It sees the things we place around us, pays attention to the pictures we have on the wall...

So in thinking about planting good seeds for Spring, I think of my 'Rainbow Therapy' as The Maestro would call it, and list-making.

What will I put on the list?
Thoughts seeds. Happy ones written in the present tense.

I embrace the good.

That's a big one that we could all reprogram into our minds a little more.

What seeds will you or have you begun to plant?

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