Friday, March 27, 2009

Indiefied: Elsie Law, Corinne Stevie's Strawberry Air Fields, Maji Omnibus giveaway, Black Blondie,, and SXSW

Elsie Law is Starface.
Love her.
Stay tuned for more of her exalted

Click the image to visit her dimension.

Scheduled for 2008, the Strawberry Fields Ep has released for the dazzling of independent minds and minds in need of guidance alike *_^ The incredibly vivid visual and etheric artist (her visuals are insane!), who can be currently found on both Myspace and through regular blogging at, is a force. Click the image to download the sonic gems.

In commemoration of the new Lulu and Smashwords edition (Look for the second Amazon listing coming soon), The Maji Omnibus full ebook version is free to Ultraviolet Underground Meta-minded readers for 3 days.
Your coupon code: CT75S Enter it here.

Free Black Faery brushes (Gimp) and upcoming contest details for a meta-packaged print version approach... Stay tuned.

Black Blondie

Curious, powerful, and self-determined sonic wanderlust.

They're hosting the party for their new release on April 17th
at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis.

Visit them here for details. launches.

"For almost a decade OMNI has been Los Angeles' most prolific emcee, recording and performing across the globe practically non-stop ever since his 2001 debut album Funkdafied Freddy, which he recorded at age 18. At long last, everything Omni-related can be found at his brand new site,, from which fans can buy his albums in digital or CD form, view all his videos, read his blog, view upcoming tour dates, and connect with him on Myspace/Facebook/etc."

-James Dunn


Missed SXSW? Couch Sessions has prepared a number of interesting highlights. Click the image to visit.

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