Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mass Meditation

Take 15 minutes or more today, if you will, to intend a world where everyone has just access to their resource needs, and is reasonably safe, and peaceful.

Draw a happy picture and focus on it, visualize, chant, meditate, 'feel' the ideal world of peace and plenty, or come up with your own way of sharing your intention energy.

An optional affirmation to chant:
We are safe, peaceful and have all that we need and want on this planet.

Past Monthly Mass Meditation details

Monthly Affirmation (P.M.update):

I am an applauder. I am a celebrater. I am a love embracer.

Monthly Totems: Dove & Rose Quartz

Dove watches over the in-between times, and keeps us afloat with remembrance
that refuels the inner child's hope.

Rose Quartz can be held close, or worn in jewelry to assist in heart healing, and overcoming traumas. Very important to help self-esteem growth, and the blossoming of the heart in love consciousness.

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