Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ebook Week Goody: One Day Free download only of the The Maji Omnibus (The Books of Zambarau)

In celebration of ebook week, and the forthcoming Smashwords e-edition of The Maji Omnibus (The Books of Zambarau), I graciously extend to you a complimentary ebook download (Vol.1) in gratitude for your visits, comments, and support. Blessings 'pon your enchanted heads.

Click the cover image to download (time-limited) your complimentary copy in the format you desire for your e-reader, cell phone, or pc.

And there's more...
Keep your eyes peeled for Black Faery papercraft (perhaps stencils for spraying with fabric spraypaint onto a teeshirt or tank in commemoration of spring?) emerging veddy soon for your DIY pleasure.

There may also be enchantments-in-a-box for a bushel of lucky readers approaching the warmer months *_^

Shine on~~~*

Print Lovers, you can acquire the print version of the Omnibus here. At times there are waiting periods for ordering. This can happen when there are glitches with manufacturer systems, or in between releases of new editions. I am currently working on correcting this issue with the manufacturer.
Please note, the cover takes a bit of time to be updated on Amazon. You will receive a book with the cover you see in this post, in the current Alpha/Pre-Meta edition. I'm also looking into ensuring a Wordplay print edition is available within the month (possibly by next week).

Readers of past editions, there's a new story (novella) in the current edition. If you ordered a past edition please contact me to receive the new story w/out charge.

Got Fan Art? Send it along with a link to your site/blog/digital dimension to purplemag at for possible inclusion in future issues, and posting on UltravioletUnderground.


Atma Singh said...

well done on the book!

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou Atma ^_^

The good vibes and support are much appreciated.

Shine on