Friday, March 27, 2009

The Joy of Creating

note: Anticipate the Faery helmets
mentioned in The Books of Zambarau-Maji Omnibus in the next issue of Purple *_^

Pardon the sparse updates of late. Tried to make up for it today. A sistah is working on a collection (currently completing 5 pieces), the layout of the next Purple Mag issue (4/24), and I of course stay in the kitchen whipping up the flyness for the teenager and myself (despite a recently broken blender or two ). :(

I'm also enraptured in my reading of the Metu Neter Vol.1 (Props to C'BS). This is one I put off for too long.

More reviews are on the way, and I'm accepting submissions along with Boston Fielder for the extra URB ALT issue (Summer '09) *_^ More details available only at URB ALT's ning, in the forums. Sorry non-URBALTians.

*shoots the peace sign

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