Sunday, March 1, 2009

Call for submissions: Graphic Novelization of Octavia Butler's 'Kindred'

Props to Aichlee for the intel:

" Beacon Press wants to publish a graphic adaptation of Butler’s novel Kindred. They’re currently “inviting proposals from cartoonists who appreciate Octavia Butler’s legacy, and reflect her commitment to social justice in their own work. Those interested in discussing a proposal should email the editor of the Graphic Books list, Allison Trzop, at” The deadline is March 16!"

Extreme Thanks to Aichlee of Brave Star.


Vee (Scratch) said...

Thanks for the word.

PlantingaSeedNow said...

Thanks for posting. I'm going to share the info. on my facebook page for all the creative souls I know.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing always.

Have a blessed day!

"All work is a seed sown; it grows and spreads and sows itself anew”

a.eye said...

Enjoyed this book. Liked it so much I had the English teacher at school take a look at it and he incorporated it into the curriculum.

Yobachi said...

Octavia Butler, what do I know her from? Does she have some other book she's well known for?

PurpleZoe said...

A pleasure *_^

Thx for stopping through and for spreading the word. Props also on the positivity in your blog.

Octavia was a master bless her soul. I've read most of her work, but still have to read Kindred. My personal favorite is Wildseed.

Octavia Butler, Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due, Charles Saunders, Nola Hopkinson, and Samuel Delany have been under-celebrated in the mainstream but are prolific Black authors of sci-fi and fantasy. I would def recommend Octavia Butler's Wildseed, Nola Hopkinson's Midnight Robber, and anything Charles Saunders.
There are a bunch of emerging heads (including yours truly) at who write sci-fi and/or fantasy.

Shine on *_^