Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Commonthreadz Inspirational Campaign For Afrikan Youth Artists

Commonthreadz is running a campaign that sells tees bearing art created by Afrikan children who have been orphaned. In addition to the power recognition will have on the psyches of these children, Commonthreadz is also collecting the profits, and giving it to the youth artists. It's being said, one teeshirt will feed an orphan for a month. The psychological value alone makes this a cause to support.

Click the image to visit, and spend your coinage on a noble cause.

Props to MissMalaprop for the intel.

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Vérité Parlant said...

Thanks for the tip. :-) Speaking of children in poverty, have you been reading about how the kids from Slumdog Millionaire have been returned to their slums in India? Lots of kicking, screaming, crying. Seems like the movie producers could have done better by them and their families.