Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Natural Energy Could Be Here Sooner Than We Think

Hydrogen could become the fuel we look to to fuel our homes, cars, and generate power for industry sooner than we expect. It may seem it's being ignored by the large companies responsible for the oil issues we have experienced globally, but the large companies like Shell, BP, and Texaco are developing hydrogen and fuel cell technology divisions. The main concern there is that they're investing heavily to control the design, production and sales of the machines that produce and utilize hydrogen, meaning we'll definitely have to keep an eye on how safe the devices they have a hand in creating, actually end up being.

The upside is obvious though, a small device the size of a dishwasher will be responsible for fueling our home appliances, while producing heat and clean drinking water as biproducts. Produced from tap water hydrogen is an infinitely clean fuel that can fuel a car for 500 miles between refills, while making your vehicle able to generate 30 to 50 kilowatts of electricity, even to the extent of providing electricity for your homes.
There's no danger of running out of this precious renewable fuel, and its advantages are many. A Hydrogen economy means greater fuel efficiency, the relief of pollution from fossil fuels, the relief of pressure placed upon the Middle East's oil reserves, and the elimination from threat of greenhouse gases. Hydrogen technology will also provide relief to re-developing countries economically and otherwise. Utility companies will become obsolete under such technology, providing a major redistribution of wealth and power. Sounds like the Most High speaking to me...

In the same way the internet has made it possible for anyone at any 'level' to communicate, network and become involved in lucrative enterprise, Hydrogen economy would mean energy could not be held against anyone. Imagine the indoor gardens that could be created to be sure food supplies remained accessible. Poisoning the land would no longer be an effective way to terrorize and gain power over cultures. Such technology will level the playing field.
Despite challenges that need to be surmounted regarding removing any dangers from production, storage and transportation of hydrogen, the primary goal is to utilize solar energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen, and if it's any indication from the chap Teddy Klein, who was able to create a generator in his garage that from what I understand, made all of this research possible, it's something any of us will be able to do, so don't believe the hype or additional 'complications' some might try to add to the technology to line their own pockets.

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Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola



Sha-King Cehum said...

Peace! First off I love the blog site.

My issue with hydrogen is, I don't know....knowing that it was the primary ingredient for the atomic bomb....I feel comfortable knowing that the Hidenberg Blimp is powering my apartment...

I may have a lot more to learn about it though...

what about good ol electricity, wind and solar power...

Have you seen the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"


PurpleZoe said...

Peace ^_^

Thankyou for stopping through. Your light is much appreciated.

I feel your sentimentsregarding Hydrogen. I'm more in favor of Solar, but admittedly can be a bit wide-eyed and impatient for the masses to get out of the oil-bind that's kept the world in a vice grip for too long. The benefits of Hydrogen power could seemingly eliminate alot of problems.
Either way, the signs are pointing towards energy that is available to everyone. The writing is on the wall for
these corporations.

Haven't seen the documentary 'Who killed the electric car'. I'll have to look for it. It's interesting you bring it up. I was talking with my Mother about Hydrogen earlier today and she mentioned something about a man who found a way to convert his vehicle into an electric car. It cost him about 16k to accomplish with trial and error, but he claimed a patent for it, and apparently there are folks interested in the technology.

I'd like to see Solar and Wind technology rise sooner than later personally. It's long been time for these Utility Companies to go.

Shine on