Friday, April 25, 2008

Indiefied- Jesse Boykins III

Jesse Boykins the III, is a wonder. There's genius in his rhythms, and a confident swagger that is smooth enough to make you grin, and fork over your cash for a download. I'm serious. I haven't heard anything like this before. His vibe remains R&B, but Jesse's interpretation is a blend of humor, straightforward 'wit the business' intensity, and undeniable sexuality that manages to be relevant in today's hyper-sexualized world without being profane (how many cats do you know nowadays that can still wield innuendo?), in a song structure that supports interlude like bridges rivaled by who?

Jesse is amazing. Very few cats could stay on spin in my etherbox with a lit up repeat button. He is among D'angelo's voodoo, The Essential Billie, Jimi's Electricladyland, Thelonious Monk, Incubus' Make Yourself and Morningview, Thicke's Beautiful World, Fiona Apple's Tidal and When the Pawn Hits, and other legends whose etheric majesty I swoon before.

Jesse Boykins deserves your attention.

Visit his realm on SoulCommune


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