Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What now? Impeach For Real This Time.

How bad does it have to get? The "president" admitted Friday to consenting to Torturous practices. Real ID cards are a nightmare some are trying to make into reality. Genocide appears to be the order of the day for this administration and others. The 'Mother's bill' some are trying to push through Congress is trying to give the Government the right to impose psychiatric drugs upon Pregnant woman...

We start by taking our power back. We have to do better than we're doing. If every blog and media outlet out there took a stand to report these realities, and every blog reader agreed to spread the word in conversation and sign the necessary petitions, we could make some real changes.

I know it seems hopeless, but there is always hope.

Please sign the impeachment petition. Start there. We'll discuss what else 'the people' can do to ensure our government is healthy and truly in the best interest of the Village.

Sign the Petition here:

Read More about the 'president's' confession:

Thankyou FocusedPurpose for Sharing the Knowledge


Condi's got to go too. She's no different than
any of the monsters in the current administration.
We want them all out. Watch the video and sign
the petition.


Related Thought:

Is it so startling that Alicia Keys has conscious thoughts?
I'm literally amazed and awestruck at how unconscious our country is.


focusedpurpose said...

thanks for the love sis:-)

i love your blog. i will be back often. very positive energy. thank you.

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PurpleZoe said...

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