Friday, April 25, 2008

The American Just-us System Strikes Again

The 3 detectives who murdered Sean Bell with what added up to 50 bullets that easily revealed the monstrous mentalities of the renegade officers have been found innocent on all counts by the Just-us System of Amerikkka today.
Justice Cooperman delivered the verdict to a packed courtroom, where a woman who sat behind Mr. Bell's family was heard saying, “Did he just say, ‘Not guilty?’ ”

Sharpton claims the fight isn't over. Hopefully that's not just talk.

Our condolences to the Bell family.
May Sean rest in peace, and may his family find absolute justice.

These blatant corruptions of justice can no longer find a comfortable climate in our community. Let us seek legislation to imprison renegade cops for life without parole, who abuse the law by torturing and taking the lives of innocents. Period. It's time for the black community to seek legislation that ensures these monsters will think thrice before they decide to engage in crimes of race hate. No more Just-us clannery. It's over. Time to shut 'em down.

More information is available through the NY times

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