Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Indiefied- Komplex

I came across this magnificent King whilst listening to an episode of Mic Check with Truth Theory in their Ning realm. A line in one of his songs that played in the interview (paraphrased) was: "Light Skin, Dark Skin... Who cares about your skin tone? What part of God you from?"


I've been in love ever since. Makes the heart tingle. Naturally I had to peep his dimension There I found some peace video footage and links where the albums can be purchased.
Extremely Worthy.
Can I also say ladies, that his spokenword has the power to replace that cat you might be holding onto because he's available and you're used to him? I'm just saying. The bass in Kom's voice alone, coupled with the height of his intelligence and turn of phrase... Is the kind of thing that makes women raise their standards.

Up and coming wordsmiths, take notes.

Enjoy his Earthy Mercurial finessing in the embedded vids below:

I Remember You

Jus Kom

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