Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call for Solidarity- Free Tibet.

Tibetans and their supporters from all over North America are converging on San Francisco for this historic opportunity to shine the Olympic spotlight on China’s brutality in Tibet. SF Team Tibet is organizing a Press Conference, Rally and Candle Light Vigil on April 8th and a Mass Mobilization on April 9.

Click the image to take action and sign the petition.

Wear a black ribbon to show respect for the fallen in Tibet.


Danielle said...

I just finished responding to the email message regarding a joint effort concerning Darfur and Tibet.

The Tibet issue is very near to my heart and it is such a shame that the spiritual energy emanating from the Himalayas is being diffused by China. I have always felt that the energy created by the Tibetan monks and people is spread throughout the world. They pray and devote their energy to the enlightenment of all.

If you create a post on Tibet on April 13th I will definitely include it in my spotlight on the blogblast participants or if you want to create another blogblast hitting both issues, you know I am with you.

In light and love


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Danielle ^_^

I totally agree, and am fairly certain Tibet has been assaulted because of the strong spiritual vibrations they have been sharing with the world.
There would be no other reason for it.

I responded a few hours ago that I thought we were going to create a separate event so as not to confuse anyone already focusing on your April 13th blogblast for Darfur.

I'll wait back to hear from everyone on that. Mr. Griffin was on-point to suggest that focusing on the Olympic boycott with emphasis put on both of the impacted cultures of Darfur and Tibet, could prove very powerful.

I'm definitely on board assisting with an event.

Shine on

Danielle said...

Let's make the Darfur|Tibet action on the 27th. That'll give folks a break who are not quite as active as we are. And it is a 9 day, very powerful as it is the number of the goddess.

Boycotting the Olympics is a great idea since that is what is getting under China's skin.

If you have the time I would love for a image that we could use. I tried my hand at the slideshow but haven't the time to reedit it to display all participants.

In light and love


PurpleZoe said...

The 27th will work. Gives us enough time to prepare. I'll start working on the image over the weekend (or beforehand if I can start earlier).

China definitely seems to be affected by the boycotts. They don't hide their irritation or worry over it very well.

They can be ridiculously proud though. It will be interesting to see how they go about saving face, or if they will actually wake up. Folks are serious though.
I don't think anyone will be allowing this freedom flame to die out.

I shared the date through email.
Maybe we can announce it with a small press release also.

Shine on