Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earthday: Reusable Grocery Bag Solution

Flip and Tumble brings us a miniscule ball that becomes a bag when you need to avoid plastics most, and dedicated to their sustainable philosophy, Flip and Tumble asks customers to send in bags that are at the end of their life so Flip and tumble can recycle it for them.

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Danielle said...

Happy Earth Day!
I really have to start to byob. We buy so much groceries, I always forget to pack enough bags to cover us.

We always reuse the plastic bags though.

In light and love

PurpleZoe said...

Happy Earth Day!!!

I'm in the process of investing in reusable bags as well. They have great ones at Etsy.
I've reused plastic up until now too as garbage bags (we have a huge garbage bin), but I'll have to use paper for that in the future. After all of the recent information about plastic I've taken in, I just can't do it anymore. Paper still uses energy, but it's at least biodegradeable.

Much Love Danielle ^_^