Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Natural State of Wonder

Sketch by Scritch of ScritchandScratch.com

I read something in passing the other day that said 'Youth has no age'.
It struck me because in such a short beautiful statement there is tremendous wisdom. Youth as a state of being is the state of dreaming. It's the natural state of hope, and wonder. It doesn't have an age. It's a place we are all a part of when we don't allow our dreams and hopes to sag. It's a place easily forgotten only if we allow ourselves to be tricked into thinking it as a time limit.
When we accept the notion that wonder has an expiration date, anyone can come and shut down the budding realm of simple daily ecstasy that blooms within us. This month remember to embrace the conscious child within. Take the child's hand and let it lead you to the position you're supposed to be in on the Earth walk. A position of wonder and excitement for everything that comes your way.
Don't let the sad state of the world steal your wonder. Like air, it is essential to your path.
There is always a miracle to appreciate in any era, and in any moment. The fact that we can communicate with anyone in the global village and be educated or share wisdom via a blog or site, is one such wonder, and sign that even in darkness there is a higher component at work. Proof that the root of nature is the essence of all things Fantastic, can only be seen with the eyes of the conscious heart.

Monthly affirmation:

My dreams contain the seeds of my destiny. My dreams sustain me. My dreams have a purpose.

Monthly Totem:


Sayahda.com describes the natural wisdom of the Rabbit:

Because the rabbit and the fairy realms are active during the same time of day it has a strong connection with the magic and mystery of other worlds. To enter this world all that is required is a leap of faith.
The rabbit is often associated with fear because of the nervous energy it expends. They move suddenly and unpredictably. They hop and leap through life asking those with this totem to pay attention to their personal movement. Growth is assured if one is moving in balance with what is in their life. If they are moving to fast or to slow an imbalance occurs and growth is stifled.

Sensitive with keen observation skills, the rabbit has strong reflexes that help them dash to safety quickly protecting themselves from danger. They can be seen, disappear and reappear in the twinkling of an eye. Fast, agile and clever they hold the teachings of spontaneous decisive movement. Always knowing which direction to go and when. When rabbit appears it is enabling you to take advantage of opportunities that may only present themselves for brief moments.
Rabbits are vegetarians eating the inner bark of saplings and shrubs as well as leaves and fruit. They provide a perfect illustration of Nature's balance. Their rapid rate of reproduction is countered by the fact that almost every predatory animal eats them. Cottontail rabbits are quite timid, never venturing too far from the safety of their warrens. Rabbit teaches us through its timidity, to be gentle with ourselves in all situations.
Rabbits are guides into the shadow world, where all of our personal fears lie. When the rabbit appears it is time to examine those deep reflexive fears that hold you back from growing. Do you keep dashing for the safety of your old patterns every time something new or challenging presents itself? If so the rabbit asks you to face your fears with compassion for yourself. Accept that it is part of human nature to feel fear at times, but also believe that our fears need not paralyze our growth and movement.

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Additional April Totem:


Are you are using your gift of communication in a constructive way?
Appropriate action, proper speech and a strong sense of self are the teachings this bird holds.

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intisar said...

thanks for this! I'm breathing better already. What a great resource. Appreciation.

PurpleZoe said...


Thanks for stopping through, SisterStar.
We definitely have to remember our state of wonder to stay sane in times like these.

Shine on