Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I not Human?

Bloggers Stand in Remembrance of Humanity on April 27th

(PressMethod) - With the intent to ask the masses to remember humanity when they think of major competitive events such as the Olympics, set to be hosted in Beijing by a country guilty of involvement in numerous civil rights violations and outright oppression, April 27th is being observed as the day the question must be asked for Darfurians, and Tibetans to name only a few countries that have been affected by China's lack of concern for human rights, 'Am I not human?'

The Olympics have been said to represent friendship and humanity, but the oppressive realities China has taken part in seem to willfully ignore higher Olympic principles.

The 'Am I not human?'blog campaign involves bloggers from a myriad of cultures recognizing the symbolic importance the Olympics claim to represent and the direct violation towards humanity China is guilty of in its act as a supplier to Oppressive forces in the Sudan, and it's unspeakable acts towards Tibetan Monks.

The campaign's strategy is to educate, motivate and activate. A small ebook will be available for download detailing the background of the struggle in Darfur and Tibet, highlighting real actions that can and should be taken. The ebook will present the opportunity to continue action offline within our communities by anyone claiming to be interested in making a positive change.

Conscious Blogger Eddie Griffin shares, "We will no longer idly stand by and watch such blatant hypocrisy as human beings are inhumanely preyed upon."

The Blog Campaign participants will post in unity on the 27th of each month until real measurable, progressive change can be seen in Darfur and Tibet.

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