Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy EarthDay Eve Greenies ^_^

Enjoy the following mixtape while engaging in your Earth day activities, and in times of reflective leisure. Do leave feedback if inclined.

The Deep Green Blur Mixtape begins with a question we need to consider, continues with necessary sentiments in the songs of Afropunks, and Conscious Lyricists about the state of the world, the power of ones own dreamvision to create positive change, and touches on the problem of using relationships as a tool for escapism concluding finally with the realization that we are our own worst enemies and simply must break away from the need to be accepted by others; embracing the realization that only we can accept ourselves as in doing so the root of all conflicts and poisons is undone.

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Radio Tuner Intro
No Surrender- Fire Walk With us
Dwarfstarr - The End of The Western World
Hoonose- Oil
We are the dreamers Wonka Snippet
Dazjae- What a wonderful world snippet
Othello- Silhouette
Ben Harper- Black Rain
Honeychild Coleman-
Dazjae- Pandorahe snippet
Danny!- Do You
Aunt Keke- Rat Race
GoldyRoxx- Bubbles and Tats
No Surrender- Anything
Coco Jones- Hot Chocolate
Little Jackie ( Imani Coppola's Alter Ego)- Black Barbie
Dragons of Zynth- Anna Mae
BlondeRedhead- Luv Machine
Eagle and Talon- Kidnapped in The Yukon
Tiombe Lockhart- Oh Bloody Days, Oh Starry Nights
Tamar Kali- Boot
Van Hunt- Turn my TV on
Noisettes- Burn
Van Hunt- Character (Acoustic)
PurpleZoe- GreenClosingSentiments

note: Deep Green Blur as a title is a tribute to T.S. Snowden who coined the phrase in a short story on her Femigog blog (Blogspot). It symbolizes the a swift healing that moves so fast nothing can touch it to hamper its mission. Enjoy!

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marvin said...

greetings from hyperspace
mix tape no longer found

PurpleZoe said...

Greetings Marvin ^_^

The link is fixed.
Thx for the heads up <3

Continue to shine your light