Friday, April 18, 2008

Door to Door Organics

Kind soul Sha-King Allah at SoulVegFolk hipped me to the new move in our household, as our access to local farms is a bit limited currently, and the fruits on the shelves of our local grocer are pretty much unacceptable for consumption.

Our new move: Door to Door Organics.
It's the way to go for fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and they're probably less expensive than the fruits in the local corporate boxes the suits hope we will continue to flock to. Fortunately the suits are not our only choice, though they have poisoned land and business practices in hopes of making it so.

I'm seriously considering an indoor garden, but for now making wheatgrass (a complete food) and sprouts is very simple and inexpensive to achieve, while Door to Door Organics has the hookup for consumable green goodness.

Visit Door to Door Organics online:

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