Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Night's Black Women's Roundtable


Listen to the archived episode If you couldn't listen to the episode live at 9PM, you can check the blogtalk radio page to listen to the recorded show.
The chatroom experience was incredible. Definitely a Conscious Community.

Visit the Roundtable Page

Show call in# (646) 478-4750

The President of the NAACP FL Chapter was there with a co-signer...
Seems they're finally realizing they can't ignore us, but are they ready to be upfront? Listen and see.

If you listened to the Black Women's roundtable yesterday evening you know that the NAACP has admitted to some degree that they, or at least the local chapter in West Palm Beach were wrong. What was disturbing however was how quick Mr. Mcintire was to advise that he was blameless, and how often a vague answer, or auto-response like "We don't have the details on that..." was issued.

It leads quite a few of us to see how important it is to have citizen activists that form coalitions. The chatrooms were on fire last night with bright intelligent solutions and points that can be of great benefit to Underrepresented communities, when bureacracy is removed. For this reason alone, I have to recommend that you stay tuned to regularly to see the growth of this rise of concerned activists who are more interested in protecting the community, than image.

In light of the NAACP's less than public apology, the banner has been changed to reflect the overall focus: Ensuring Safe Communities for innocent women, their innocent children, and innocent men. There is no desire to champion rapists, domestic torturers, or other malevolent individuals who have no place in a peaceful community. We demand the organizations who claim to be our voice actually be the true voice that represents this focus, or they cannot be our voices at all.

Thankyou to all of you who stand and have taken this matter seriously. How far away are we from having situations that mirror those in Darfur, right in our own backyards, when rape in Black communities has been handled so lackadaisically, if it has been handled at all?
It is most certainly time, to wake up and clean up the mess we have allowed a misogynist and blood-lusting culture to create.

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