Monday, April 28, 2008

The Land of the Free and Other Fairy Tales: The Truth About The Current Non-Value of The Dollar (Spread the word, Seriously.)

The writing is on the wall. Time to start acquiring gold and silver if you haven't begun already. Also, how many of you are aware that the IRS is a private entity outside of our government? Technically we don't have to pay taxes. Fear is always a poor guide. Look for the video 'The Money Changers' for more intel on that...


Danielle said...

I've seen the doc before and have come to the realization that our economy is a false economy. Not all costs are factored into the price of raw materials.

Wesley Snipes will be going to jail when the courts can provide no absolute law that requires us to pay income tax which is illegal by our constitution since it is not appropriated.

Perhaps a tangible revolution can only be truly acquired if we create a new economy. Person to person goods and services acquisition.

It is really scary for most people to expand their perspective beyond what has become normalized existence.

PurpleZoe said...

There are so many hidden tricks that we're only now being made aware of. Some keen-eyed folks caught these details before, but many of us didn't know to read between the lines, and so many people are pressed for time on this hamster wheel called America they cycle by paying attention to entertainment, sleeping, and going to work and or school and so forth. It doesn't seem like alot of folks spend time thinking about things that don't earn them money or bring them pleasure.

Some one needs to whisper in Wesley's ear about this. If he stands up to it, it could bring alot of attention to a matter we all need to face sooner than later.

Vee said...

Purple, you might want to check out fiat currency.
Fiat money is typically backed by the good faith of the government maintaining or backing the money supply, importantly faith that it will accept the fiat currency in payment of taxes.

Our currency is basically created out of thin air and its power is based on your faith AND the credibility of the U.S. government. How else can a company (Bear Stearns) have a strong showing one day and then become worthless in a matter of days? And they being bailed out by the Federal Government?

What everybody calls a dollar is basically what it is, a federal reserve note. The relationship between the Federal Reserve Banks and Corporate America is a little too close for comfort. The CEO of Chase/Chairman of the Board also sits on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The NY Fed Reserve is by far the most important of all the federal reserve banks.

Action Item: Study and learn the tax system, your local, state and federal. Then profit from your knowledge. Many of the tricks are not hidden, its just that many people care too much about the day-to-day distractions. I love to read fiction, but it is important to learn and read about really pertinent and useful information like taxes and your money.

What do you think happens when there are indiviuals who are a tad bit smarter than those who are "employed" by the government? Or when the presidential candidates like McCain admittedly does not have a handle on the current economic status of the nation?

Wesley will be fine. 3 years is not an easy trip but I'm sure he'll be fine. Hopefully many will learn from the business saavy James Brown. He was smart enough to have a lawyer watch his lawyer, an accountant watch his accountant.

(Source: Wikipedia and

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou for stopping through and sharing the intel, Vee.

Shine on