Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogging Day For Justice To Protect Black Women and Their Families

The cases of Megan Williams and the Dunbar rape are crimes of unthinkable savagery and lack of consciousness. The hatred of women displayed in these crimes are unimaginable to the sane, but they must be faced if we are to stop these horrors at their root. The complete disregard of community and a family's bond was displayed in the Dunbar case to extents that continue to bring tears to my eyes and anguish to my heart.
It is time for all of us to remember our humanity and stand for it by displaying it again and again and again, until it becomes its own 'trend' in a society that seems so intent to follow the crowd down a road of crooked and unclear paving. We cannot allow the media to program us with violence, the fear that inspires it and the lack of hope that seals it into manifestation.

As a community it is our duty to stand and demand safety for our communities. With increasing visibility this need has presented itself in seeming case after case in recent times.
Many have and are rising to the call. The call is this: We stand for each other.
This includes demanding accountability be taken where black on black crime is involved as well as where hate crimes rear their insecure and ugly heads. Our bonds are sacred, and must treated as such. We are a people who have come through ancestors that bore weights we could not imagine with the comforts we have at our disposal in the 'modern' age. We must employ these comforts to serve the progress of unity and diversity. If we allow ourselves to let creature comforts make us lazy we shame our forebears who made it possible through blood sacrifice and great effort that we have them.

Our efforts begin at home with our daughters and our sons. We commit to find the time to get to know them despite our work schedules and other areas of focus. Instead of letting them do whatever they want to get them out of our hair, we guide them, and ensure they develop skills by letting them earn time for their choices of leisure activities after completing an equal amount of time dedicated to building skills (piano, graphic design, etc...whatever they are drawn to) based in tutorials for the fields they are interested in (many can be found on the net for a wide variety of interests in video form and otherwise---the local library can allow you access to their pc's if yours is down) in this way they earn their leisure which lessens arrogance and increases autonomy.

We pledge to be healthy role models and ensure their safety by bringing healthy role models around them. We teach them true history so they are aware of more than the skimmed down and painted over versions they receive in public schools. We use the power of our economic spending to lobby for legislation that will benefit our communities. We continue to improve ourselves and our lot so we provide positive example as well as increase available resources to the community.
The list goes on. Feel free to add to it.

Our children cannot raise themselves only to become prey to corporate maneuvering of their images through media, or gang mentality which seems to have taken a turn towards raping the women of its community (and attacking the bonds of a mother and child as seen in the Dunbar rape case, which if it doesn't haunt you I don't know where your mind is).
We must hold onto our children. It is for us to embrace them.

This means loving them, and showing them we loves ourselves enough to respect ourselves and guide them. They are our reflection. They learned from us. They continue to learn from us. Their ideas have root in previous generations.
We must not fear disciplining them when there is a need so they comprehend the cycle of cause and effect. They may be angered because they lose priviledges for a few weeks but they will respect you and gain self control in the end. We are their elders first, before we are their friends. If they can't trust our guidance, who will have guidance they will even attempt to trust later? We're their first experience with elders and gender definitions.
We have to be present. We have to be honest with them so they are prepared. In harsher communities it has been mentioned that it is time to hire our own private security if the police will not take action against the crimes.

We are not victims.

We are family.

Let's join hands, across gender-age-class-creed lines and be one. So much effort has been made to keep that from being restored, but the inevitable cannot be held off forever. Embrace your heart and it will help you stand.
Please participate in this Blogging Day for Justice to Protect Black Women and Their Families.

Please learn more of the Megan Williams case, Dunbar Rape, and Blogging for Justice action at African American Opinion.

Peace be upon you family.


Update:'s post for the Day of blogging reminded me to add the addresses where donations can be received from our sisters.

Dunbar Village Victim’s Assistance Fund

Checks can be made payable to the Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund-St. Ann. They can be dropped off at any Wachovia branch or mailed to: St. Ann Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401. The church’s phone number is (561) 832-3757. — per

Megan Williams Fund
A TRUST FUND has been set up by Chase Bank for Megan Williams.
A spokeswoman for Chase Bank said that donations to the trust fund for Megan can be made
at any Chase Bank. — per


PurpleZoe said...


If a comment does not appear before comment this because I decide to delete it, know that it was left by someone who basically left an anonymous comment claiming Megan could have left one day before the officer found her. This person claimed the 'tip' came from one of the family members of Megan's subhuman attackers. I don't even have the words right now and can't wrap my mind around why someone would place such a comment in a thread that is dedicated to the movement of protecting innocent women and their families.
My response below is to that poster.

I am not clear on why you posted this, dsf.
This post is a statement of solidarity for the black community.
It is by no means a place for those who feel insecure that these criminals were potentially people they know or people who are members of their culture.
I really like to avoid jumping the gun, but it sounds like you are trying to blame the victim for not leaving, if indeed any of this is true.

Shock can cause people to do strange things, and let us remember that Megan has certain challenges mentally.
Where would you suggets she go after being tortured for over a week, hmmm?
Did you think the images of her haunters might have been plaguing her at every second she had to gather a few thoughts?

6 people attacked her.
Do not think for one moment that after a week of torture you would be up and running.

If you are a women or there is anyone in your life that you love who is female, ask yourself how you would feel if this tradegy befell you or them, and then ask yourself how you would feel is someone came along and insinuated that it was your fault or the fault of that innocent women you love because she may have had the opportunity to leave.

I am seriously thinking about deleting your comment because I will not allow this space to be desecrated by unconscious individuals who have yet to see the light. It is very insulting but there is a karmic force in the universe thankfully, and I know what goes around comes around without fail.

Femigog said...

Purple Zoe, you are better than me. The garbage that sprang to my mind when I read what this this "dsf" person had to say I would never pollute your righteous space with. But I notice that this is always the way. For some unknown reason black women are viewed as un-rapeable is embedded with double sided tape to society's conscience.
I notice there was no answer to the questions you posed this person regarding the women in their lives and horrible prospect of rape.
Love your blog and what you do sister. keep it up.

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou Sister Femigog.
I've deleted it. Didn't want that energy contaminating this space. I cut and pasted the trash however, in case anyone wishes to see what was written and lets me know.

I like being able to grant the freedom for folks to comment anonymously, but do that in trust that it won't be abused with ignorance.

Yobachi said...

Zoe, as I noted here:

dsf is a highly racist, white "liberal" who goes around black blogs justifying anything done to black people.

Responding to him, her, it; is pretty much pointless. Apparently he can't find anything constructive to do, and this is how he has to get his rocks off.

I think he's just mad that he wasn't able to be their to help rape Megan, because that's the only way he could get some.