Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Define Self Worth

The following is one of the best definitions of self worth I've come across to date"

"You create the results in life you believe you deserve."

- Dr.Phil

Add that to the revelations of 'The Secret' and 'What The Bleep do we know' (Google them if you haven't seen them), and you've got it.
You will engage in actions that perpetuate conditions you believe to be reality according to what you believe you are worth and how you define yourself.

So without feeling arrogant, greedy or guilty (as it seems society would program you to feel at the prospect of self love and appreciation) acknowledging what you deserve, acknowledge your true identity and in so doing- your true motivations. Acknowledging that you are worthy of having food to eat comfortable gear, needed life tools and etc is not imbalanced or overly confident. It is in reality how we should all feel.

Perhaps you can now start phrasing your affirmations as 'I deserve: ____________ (fill in the blank), to reprogram your psyche to allow those things in when opportunities present themselves.

Break the mold if you're not digging what you've created.


In addition to "Verbal Remedies" (a phrase coined by Zorbaziv), you can utilize visual programs or create animations that are very speedy to flash positive suggestions you can take in.


Invisible Woman said...

That quote is pretty deep, especially coming from ol' Phil...I am reading off and on the most amazing book ever "The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity" by catherine Ponder. It's 40 years old and way out of print.

My girlfriend told me to read it for years, and I pretty much just nodded my head. I happened to see it while waiting for a friend in a waiting room. They said I could have it, and I really think the folks who wrote "The Secret" copied this book as she is long gone-things in it are almost verbatim. It has every tool in it to change your life on every level, based on biblical and universal laws (The Secret to me lacks the God/spritual element). It changed my life as I realized living in lack (as the Catholics like you to believe) is not noble, but is on the same borders as sin (you have to read the book).

I just started reading it again yesterday, so your post/quote really touched me...see if you can get it on Amazon--I feel it would be right up your alley :-)

BeautyinBaltimore said...

The problem is to many human beings believe that good things will not come to them because they are not worthy. Loving your blog.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Sistren ^_^ Thanks for stopping through.

Invisible Woman,

I will write it down and check it out. Interestingly, someone else I know mentioned they thought the Secret was stolen by Wallace D. Wattles (if I have the name correct). He wrote books about prosperity as well a long time ago. His books are accessible through public domain now (google might have them).

The Secret is definitely missing the spiritual element. It was only lightly touched on, and they place too much emphasis on the money end of it in my opinion, but it's a decent sign that the masses are looking for their higher mind. I think they watered it down so it could be relatable to everyone.

I think Dr Phil's quote fills in the blanks, by reminding us that you can send out your intentions repeatedly, but nothing will manifest for you if you don't think you deserve it. Opportunity could come knocking in many a guise, but the person who fears they are unworthy will push it away and be unnecessarily humble.

Oh by the way, you mentioned Whole Foods awhile back for holistic products. I found out we have one like 15 minutes away from my house.
I'm hyped.
Someone told me they churn the peanut butter in front of you. Thats my kind of spot.

Beauty in Baltimore,

Peace ^_^
I feel you. Society has been kept in check because the few can control the many when the many think they are worth the nothingness the few cast out to them.
Chasing after crumbs when every person has the ability to manifest the earth reflection of the Divinity in within them, is a sad state to see the masses buying into. Only we can fix it though.
We have to weed out the problems in the garden of our perceptions...There are so many symbols being fed to us, weaving stories in our heads through the media. The only way to eradicate the garbage is to affirm and stay connected to our true identity.
I'm very glad you came through and enjoyed your visit. Thanks for bringing positive energy to the space ^_^