Thursday, November 8, 2007

Van Hunt is smokin'

I admit it. I was under my rock when the Van Hunt craze swept the jazz loungers and neo-soul kids, but I have discovered him and I'm moved by the unspoken gifted and misunderstood genius within him.
He's far from being just another inker of love songs, and the third album is available for pre-order. It will grace our planet January 15 2008.

Van is on Blue Note and not signed to an independent label, but he is an independent thinker... So we're filing this under 'Indiefied'.

Peep his dimension for details on how to enter the 'Turn on your tv' contest, if your a particularly fly amateur video editor as well...

Enjoy the vid (courtesy of SongsinTheKeyOfLife from one of his recent shows below. Props to for the heads up.


Hot Stage Lights


Invisible Woman said...

I am on the late train too...a few bloggers have mentioned him, but there is so much out there it practically has to jump on my face for me to check it out...thanks.

btw--off topic, but I tagged you on my blog!

cooper said...

Never heard of him, I do jazz though so I'm going ot check him out.

PurpleZoe said...

lol @ Invisible Woman.
I am very familiar with the Late Train.
Until now I would ride it with my head down.
I'll post my random facts soon also ^_^

Stop playing. You do jazz as in play?
What instrument? I sing some jazz standards. Been thinking about putting a show together.