Monday, November 12, 2007

Indiefied- Antonique Smith

I found Antonique Smith's Space through several profiles connected to the original page I'd visited in Danny Swain's space, and was initially struck by the warm, yet reserved confidence she possesses. Folks often talk about the effect some singers have on them, which makes them feel as if they are sitting like babes at the artist's feet being lulled into a zone of blissful comfort that soothes ills from the heart.
Miss Smith is this kind of soul singer.
The power of her voice resonates with a purity that isn't tainted by over-played runs or sensational ploys. She can keep her garments modest and we'll still swoon as we listen. She needs nothing but a mic. Even the background music is a complement.

Effortlessly Antonique will draw you to the beating of her heart, and with a sigh you will come at her beckoning, for she is a warm, beautiful spirit, who is regal and unquestionably, the real thing.

Visit her realm ~~~~~~~~~~*

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