Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Call For Solidarity- See Darfur Now.

Please get out and see Darfur Now if it's in your area.
Spreading the word via your blog can also help to keep this film circulating which can inspire a difference.

Seeing as the letter drive to HBO only won a completely impersonal letter several months later expressing its plastic thanks for applauding? their programming, after I sent a letter out questioning their programming decisions (they should know I've concluded that they have imbeciles in their customer relations department now...), regarding the halt on the film Sand and Sorrow, we can be assured the only way a film exposing the genocide in Darfur will be made available to the masses is through sincere people such as Don Cheadle, George Clooney and other activists who are serious and refuse to stand down, forget, or be silenced.

Thankyou Don.

I hope the horrors taking place in the Congo will be exposed soon as well. There are plenty of us with voices, wit, creativity, and audiences. We can all do our part. It really does make a difference. The status quo can only remain what it is, if its upheld by the same thoughts and actions that support its setting.

We cannot allow our status quo to be satisfied with a world that allows genocide, systematic rape, torture, or any other deep rooted parasitic evils.

A squeaky wheel gets oiled: Make noise and stand for Peace and security against injustice.


Darfur Teleconference

If you have a moment you may also be interested in checking out a conference held by Jeffrey Buchanan that takes a deeper look into the Darfur Crisis.

Click the link for audio

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